Organization Management Systems

I believe that the absence of systems for the various management functions of an organization is a road block to success. Having done the job, I understand that taking time away from the daily fires and expectations of the job to sit down and develop these systems is a desired but often unattainable goal. However, I do know that many of these systems will provide a structure for efficiency that will ultimately make the job easier for everyone AND that the return on investment is worth the effort.

Just for YOU.......that tired, worn out organization professional who would happily implement a plan if one just existed........

Let me help you build that structure. I've developed a series of diverse education products designed to involve the participant and have them develop solutions, “real time”, to every day organization challenges. The result will be actionable plans that are ready for implementation and ongoing facilitated accountability measures to insure student success.

These are currently being taught through webinars, facilitated work retreats, with State Chamber Associations for professional development and of course in a consulting capacity with individual Chambers, Associations and Non-Profits.

Membership Engagement Plans
Membership Team Structure
Data Management
Communications Plans
Sales Solutions
Board Management
Committee and Volunteer Management

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