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Staff Development Retreat (Sample Half Day Retreat)
Assuming that your staff have a clear picture of the roles of other staff members, the Board, the CEO and the organization’s position in the community is a critical mistake.  When you work at a Chamber, the membership and community at large know you work there and will indiscriminately ask you all kinds of questions. Just like there is a brand assumption that the Chamber knows everything, there is also an assumption that if you work there you have all the answers. Your employees are engaged in their job, but if asked to clearly articulate 5 things the Chamber has accomplished that were important for business and the local community, could they do it? Does each member of your team understand the jobs of the other team members?

The size of your staff doesn't matter. Their connection to the Chamber does. Engagement begins at “home”. You can’t possibly hope to engage members and volunteers if the home team doesn't even have a clue!! The purpose of this retreat is to create a space for building a team that has the tools they need to succeed and the individual strength that comes through knowledge of and connection to ALL the moving parts!

Master Mind Retreat (Snapshot of Full Day Retreat)
More often than not each segment of a Chamber will work almost independently toward some very common organizational goals. A Chamber is a membership organization. So………membership is and must be our priority and EVERYONE involved in the leadership of the organization is in the membership business.

Chamber functions look very similar from place to place, but the level of connectivity depends on the type of culture a Chamber has built. If a Chamber is event driven then the majority of content delivery, meeting discussions and staff focus will be on events. However, “participation” does not equal “engagement” and the reality is that Industry wide only around 8-12% of members are going to participate. So, the development of a culture that emphasizes a focus on engagement AND learning to determine just what that looks like becomes an organization that will thrive and indeed be sustainable.

Culture Definition: a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization (such as a business)

The team for this retreat is Staff, Board of Directors, Membership Committee and Ambassadors. Typically each of these groups will meet individually for planning and ongoing work. The conversation that begins by having everyone in the same room at this retreat is incredibly valuable. This allows a Chamber to develop a team that is focused on membership and has ownership of building a process to actively cultivate member engagement.

Board Retreat
The more aligned and strategic your board of directors is the more  successful your organization will be. The Executive and Staff can certainly handle the daily work of the organization, but they must be supported by a strong BOD! Professional development for your BOD  and a solid program of work for your organization are a must for  moving forward effectively. Your Board Retreat will have an agenda that reflects what you MOST need to work on for the following year. The timeframe, agenda and goals will be established in phone meetings between the facilitator,  Executive and Board Chair. Each retreat is unique because needs vary  from organization to organization and they vary within each  organization from year to year. Your board retreat will have a follow up  report that will highlight the work from the day, list established goals  and objectives and provide recommendations for next steps. 

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