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Creating a Culture of Engagement
A holistic approach to engagement in every sector of your organization; staff, BOD, Ambassadors, volunteers, community partners, and the community at large.

Defining Member Engagement through Data
Determining the answer to the "engagement" question is in your data. Learn how to analyze what you have, collect what you need, accurately inform your strategy and quantify how your members are engaged.

Solution Sales
Is chamber membership a product sale, a relationship opportunity, an investment, or a solution? Examine recent trends in sales strategy and statistics that reveal how and why "solution selling" yields the greatest success.

Maximum Impact with Minimum Resources
Frequently it is not financial resources, or lack of, that keep you small; it's inefficiency. A small Chamber can function like a large one if they have systems and strategy that adequately support their work.

The Engagement Team
Who make up the team, what are they responsible for and how do you keep them on track to provide the absolute best experience for YOUR members? It’s time for a strategy that pulls all the pieces together into one plan for membership! 

Participants of Annette’s presentations always walk away with pride in something they are already doing, some new things to think about and some absolute “must do” tasks!!



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