Why Choose Coaching?
A safe space for sorting through your perceived failures, your ideas and dreams, your barriers to success.
A open door to question yourself without judgement.
Identifying patterns that inhibit your success.
A supportive audience for voicing your concerns, challenges, obstacles.
A guide for managing goals.
Real time accountability.

Who are Annette's Coaching Clients??
Chamber of Commerce Professionals
Association and Non-Profit Executives
Executives, Managers and Executive/Manager Wanna Be's!!
People, Organizations and Businesses at ALL stages from ALL walks……..

We begin your coaching with.......

Discovery:  Your FREE 30 minute consultation
A one-time session that is an opportunity for both you and me! The coach has to be a fit for you in order for it to work. You come to this session with your list of questions about the coaching process, what concerns you have about your current circumstances either personally or for your business or organization, and you bring a list of your dreams and goals as well as your concerns and obstacles. What would you most like to achieve?

If you decide in Discovery that coaching is a fit for you then we really get to work!! The length of time you need depends on the details of your agenda for growth. That conversation will happen at the end of your discovery call.

Fees are determined by needs and length of contract. 
Call for more information; 866-667-6702 or email

If you need clarity you need to call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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