Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dealing With Your Chamber's Board of Directors

If you’re a Chamber of Commerce professional, you no doubt have heard of Frank Kenny and his weekly Chamber Focus Show on Google+.  This past Friday, Frank welcomed our own Annette Medlin to talk about "Dealing With Your Chamber's Board of Directors”.   In Frank’s own words, this one is “a must watch for any and all chamber professionals.”

During the show, a great number of topics and questions popped up including:

  • What to do when you have a personality conflict with your new chair or when a Board member “goes rogue”…

  • Strategies for dealing with disengaged or “problem” Board members, personality conflicts & HR issues…

  • How to deal with Board Development & keep Board members involved without micro-managing…

  • …and the IMPORTANCE of ensuring your Board sees you as a COLLEAGUE, and not “just a staffer”…!
NOW…without further ado…here’s the video:

We sincerely hope this helps.  Remember that there are resources available to you when you have questions or feel overwhelmed.  Of course you have peers all around you who we HOPE you’re tapped in to, but don’t forget about expanding that support group by joining Frank’s CHAMBER PROFESSIONALS page on Facebook or simply reach out to us for help.  Annette and I are contacted by Chamber pros across the country every single week to talk about challenges they’re having and looking for everything from help to advice to referrals for other resources.  We’re here to help and we’d LOVE to hear from YOU!