Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving for Chambers

We are fully into the “thankful” month. Next week everyone will be focused on gratitude for family and friends and sharing time and creating memories AND eating lots of great food!!!

Chamber of Commerce and Membership Organizations

Who remembers your parents talking to you about the two magic words? Please AND THANK YOU….right?? The last couple of years have been very difficult for membership organizations. Retention, for many, is at an all-time low and we have been challenged to search for relevance in new and different ways. I would submit that your biggest asset is your voice. Your greatest opportunity for relevance is using that voice in a positive way in your community. We talk and people listen. Chambers of Commerce, by default, end up being the “go to” organization in our communities. We are regularly approached for help and answers whether it’s to find the rest room or pass a capital improvement tax!! So, our capacity for reaching a wide audience is great AND if we use that voice in a positive way, by “thanking”, very visibly, that gratitude will return to US in many, many ways.

Who should we thank??

  • Chamber of Commerce Members

  • Public Servants and local leaders

  • Citizens exhibiting a gesture of good will

  • Young People

  • Educators

  • Non-profits or other organizations who have helped the community

  • Alliances/partnerships for progress
And on, and on and on….

How can we thank?

  • Letters to the editor

  • Social media channels

  • Video shorts posted to social media and on your website

  • Print, Chamber TV shows, radio shows and other traditional mediums

  • Special mailing or email

  • Our newsletters
Create a culture of thanks as part of your program of work. It doesn't cost a thing!!!! Generate a list of people and success stories and members and celebrate their gifts by publicly thanking them with your Chamber voice and sit back and watch that come back as good for YOUR organization!!